RAW Intra Workout 873G

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RAW Intra Workout 873G


Key Benefits,

  • Maximizes Workout Endurance
  • Fuels Muscle Hydration
  • Prevents Lean Tissue Loss



    Make Every Workout Your Best.

    RAW Intra-Workout Gives is an advanced training fuel that helps increase workout performance and endurance throughout your entire workout session. The most important need of your body during vigorous training is one of the most basic ones, hydration. Losing even a small percentage of your body's water weight can have a negative effect on your workout performance. Research has shown that during high intensity training a 2-3% decrease in body water weight causes a significant drop in performance, reduced number of repetitions completed during a workout, and high ratings of perceived exertion. Our premium Intra-Workout formulation combines a number of research-backed ingredients that increase workout performance and endurance, helping you make every workout your best.