Applied Nutrition HMB 500MG CAPSULES 120C

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Applied Nutrition HMB 500MG CAPSULES 120C

Key Benefits,

  • Metabolite of Leucine
  • 500mg Pure HMB Per Serving
  • Suitable for all Workouts
  • Plant-based veggie shell well suited for consumers with dietary, religious, or cultural restrictions
  • Halal Certified Product 


    90g | 120 Capsules | 60 Servings

    HMB is an active metabolite of the Branched Chain Amino Acid, Leucine. HMB is a popular addition to all Applied Nutrition’s products, typically taken post-training.

    REDUCE PROTEIN BREAKDOWN: HMB is a metabolite of leucine that works to reduce the breakdown of protein within your body. By supplementing this daily you can work to boost your protein levels and have more energy.

    MUSCLE REPAIR SUPPLEMENTS: strain and pains are common with regular exercise, however, our daily HMB supplement helps to aid with muscle repair and strengthening. Bounce back quicker than ever..

    TAKE AFTER TRAINING: the prime time to take our HMB supplement is right after an intense training session. This metabolite of leucine acts fast to repair, strengthen and build muscle gained in your workout..

    VEGAN FRIENDLY: we tailor to all dietary needs with our fully plant-based formula. The HMB supplement is made from veggie shells to create an inclusive experience for everyone.

    THE IDEAL DOSE: by taking two of our HMB capsules 1-3 times daily, you can boost the levels of protein in your body and repair-tired muscles faster. Take post-workout for the best results.