Inner Armour Anabolic Peak 12lbs

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  • Up to 60g of Protein
  • 15g BCAAs
  • 9g Leucine Loaded
  • 1,330 Calories

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Inner Armour Anabolic Peak 12lbs

Gain Muscle Mass w/ Anabolic Peak™

ANABOLIC PEAK delivers rapid-release whey hydrolysates, sustained release casein and protein isolates to help athletes gain muscle mass. Metabolic research suggests that ingesting a fast-acting amino acid/protein supplement boosts amino acid levels in a metabolic process known as systemic circulation. As a result, more essential amino acids become available for complex protein synthesis and anabolic muscle growth.

Maximize Power Output

Power output = work / time or P = w/t

To stand out in the gym or on the field, athletes have to sustain high force for sustained periods of time. Power = velocity x strength. Increasing the magnitude of an athlete’s muscle tissue, increases their ability to generate power, meaning the application of force at a given velocity over time. ANABOLIC PEAK promotes muscle tissue recovery and helps maximize power output during workouts on the field or in the gym.


Suggested Use As either a recovery shake, meal replacement or gainer depending on serving size. 1 scop = recovery, 1 scoops = meal replacement, 3 scoops = gainer. Mix with 6,12,or 18oz. of water or milk depending on desired consistency.
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