Carnage Premium Knee Sleeves

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  • Designed to minimize the risk of injury and aid performance.
  • 7mm high grade neoprene.
  • Reinforced seam construction to maximize longevity.
  •  maximum joint compression, reducing direct strain on the knee
  • Lets lift heavy, #BeRelentless

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Its time to break some PR’s..

Carnage Gear knee sleeves are uniquely designed alongside international standards to support, protect and stabilize your knees as you lift heavy weights.


Size Guide –

Measure the Circumference of the knee joint around the knee cap with the leg locked

Size Circumference at the top (CM) Circumference at the bottom (CM)
XS 32cm 22 cm
S 34cm 24 cm
M 36cm 26cm
L 38cm 28cm
XL 40cm 30cm


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