Applied Nutrition Endurance Water Bottles

Product code283768


  • Standard 600ml or 800ml capacity
  • Pre-marked powder levels for easy measuring
  • Use in the gym or out on the road
  • Wide neck for easy pouring
  • Easy-to-grip neck shape
  • Endurance branded design
  • Comes in green or white band/cap
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For fast and accurate mixing of Endurance powders

Endurance portable sports bottles are designed for endurance sports, our wide neck sports bottles feature a unique easy mix system and wide neck for the effortless dispensing and mixing of Endurance powder supplements. The 600ml size bottle holds just short of a pint of fluid and its standard diameter ensures it fits easily in bicycle water bottle cages. An ergonomic design makes it easy to grab when you’re continually reaching for it to take in fluids during endurance exercise.

Great use for the gym or out on the road, these bottles have a leakproof, lockable valve so you don’t have to worry about losing any valuable fluids to keep you performing at your peak.

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