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Follow this method to increase muscle mass

Other than fat reduction lot of our general public seeks muscle growth, but industries theories keeps on changing over time leaving the public confused.fad diets, fad workout routines and online coaches with less experience putting out inaccurate information keeps us apart from the basic and most fundamental principles which we can easily break through any plateau.

We are going to simplify the most common known facts to gain muscle mass in this article in the very best manner. Hope you all learn something new


Sleep and nutrition

Everyone of us are equally as interested in muscle growth and condition but everyone of us do forget the fact that muscle growth 100% relies on our nutrition and sleep accuracy (king of muscle growth), yes it’s the 21st century most of us carry a busy life style on the road, at office or with family, but we got to be honest you can’t really expect a good outcome without a good input. Setting up caloric goals, sticking to a good amount of well balanced diet with adequate sleep will play a major role in muscle growth.

We know leucine, a dietary amino acid that helps stimulate muscle synthesis (muscle growth) will only signal our mTOR (a enzyme which signals DNA for muscle growth) if we have had adequate sleep and nutrition.


Mechanisms of hypotrophy

Mechanical tension, metabolic stress and muscle damage are three main components of hypotrophy. If we explain each components its going to take a lot of time from you, so we will just keep it in simple terms.

These can also be defines as volume, intensity and frequency, why is this a major part of muscle growth? heres why, above mentioned enzyme mTOR not only keeps an eye on sleep and nutrition adequacy but also these components, but why you might ask?

What is the point supplying more building blocks when theres no room to build your house, what is the purpose paying labor for no reason when theres nothing to build, when muscle havnt created enough stress, damage through training mTOR does not allow DNAs signal muscle synthesis. Therefore hypotrophy plays a major role in muscle growth too.

Oh no this does not mean you have to create a heavy workout session with lots of super settings and drop sets, oh no, if you not knowledgeable enough or if you are not comfortable knowing your body adaptations to periodization your training its better to go under consultation of someone who knows and experienced.


Didn’t you guys realize something, weren’t we explaining the most common facts tat we hear from anyone? our nutrition, sleep and training adequacy, we just elaborated the science fusion in to a very simple form where anyone can understand the importance of these facts for muscle growth. Hope ypu gained some knowledge, will you catch you up with more articles. stay tuned



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