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Easy ways to build more muscle

A lot of us complain that no matter how hard we train results are not be seen. Yes, because you’re not working according to a proper plan .without working on a proper plan it is very difficult build muscle mass or build strength, basically there will be no improvement in anything. So how to add up workout appropriately to a schedule, how to not waste time and get into good workout, lets find out two of the most common techniques that’s used when making a schedule and the science behind it.

Training secondary muscles with primary muscles

We all know that when training a muscle group, these are several other sub muscle also being supportive to get the task done. They are also kniw as the secondary muscles involved. Primary muscles are the main targeted muscle group.


 when doing bench press targeted main muscle group is the pectoralis major ( chest) as secondary muscle groups, triceps as well as the delts work to get the task done.

As the secondary muscles are warmed up after working on the chest, we can work on the delts and a bit of triceps after, which was worked and warmed up before. Covering threes muscle groups within a day. Likewise we can split others as well,


when working on a back muscle as a primary muscle group biceps, delts and the core muscles are being used as primaries, therefore giving us the opportunity to work on the three other muscle groups of our choice.


Antagonist and agonist muscles

These muscles come in pairs, called antagonistic pairs. as one muscle contracts one muscle relaxes.

e.g. perfect example for a antagonistic muscle would be a the bicep and the tricep. When performing the Bicep curl, bicep muscle contracts relaxing the opposing muscle which is the tricep.

These pairs gives us a choice to work them on the same day, as well as we can even volume train these types of antagonistic muscles because they work very well together. Making more muscle contraction and growth.


By getting to know the muscles that works very well together like this will help you cover up a lot of body parts within a day saving time and also working the muscles the correct way, also will help you cover up each muscle 3 times a week.



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