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6 best ways to build serious mass in the body

One of the best ways to build serious mass is to do more compound movements than doing isolation movements, what are compound movements? These are exercises that uses two or more muscle groups to get the task done, as an e.g. squat, bench, deadlifts. As it requires maximum muscle recruitment, uses more muscle joints with free weights, also the activation of the CNV ( central nervous system) is high. Advanced lifter or a beginner, stimulus more growth. Lets find out the 6 ways to build serious mass.


Horizontal push compund movements

one of the well know horizontal movments would be the bench press, and several other variants such ass dumbbell chest press and etc. bench press does not isolate the movement only to the chest, also work your triceps as well as the delts making it a compound movements. 

also push ups, parallel bar dips can be categorized in to this.

Horizontal pull compund movements

Pull exercises can be simply defined as barbell and dumbbell rowing movements, these workout simple works all your back muscles and also biceps, forearms and abs. here are some e.g.

  • Standing barbell rowing
  • Reverse grip barbell rowing
  • T bar rowing
  • Dumbbell rowing

Vertical push movements

These are mainly the exercises that covers that shoulder press, barbell press, military press, Arnold press and movements such ass lateral raises and front raises.  Basically these are the exercises which helps dominant of the delts, traps and also works triceps and along side. Remember that doing these vertical push movements standing, improves your core strength.


Vertical pull movements

These movements include more of the back muscles, working more of the lat, terse major and minor and also the rhomboid. Exercises such as lat pull down, chin ups will be front face of these movements. Doing more of these can prevent bad shoulder injuries as well. Alongside working the triceps and the biceps ad also the abdominals will make this a compound movements.


Hip dominant compound movements

Hip dominant can be categorized into two variations which is,

  • Bent leg option

Bent leg options are deadlifts, lunges, high foot leg press and also step up variations. These exercises mainly dominated the gluts and alos every single part of the legs. But exercises like deadlifts, helps the growth of every muscle of the body.

  • Straight leg option

Basic straight leg exercises are focused on hamstring, though it’s called straight leg there should be 10 to 15 degree bent on the knees. Which help to focus on the hamstrings as well as on gluts and also on abs. exercises such Romanian deadlifts, dumbbells Romanian  deadlifts can be include


Quad dominant movements

Exercises such as squats and the other variants such as leg presses lunges, narrow stance variants will help the growth of your leg muscles as well as to all the other muscles, because of the its boosts your anabolic hormones to all muscles.

Try adding these few to your routine, take a split of two upper body and low body split. Hope we added valuable information to all of you.


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